Our Credo

We sustainably source farmer crafted coffee.


We connect with coffee farms and their farmers in the highland regions of Huehuetenango, Guatemala to source the finest, most reputable local coffee beans.


Our beans are not only cultivated by the farms, but they are also roasted and prepared for consumption by the farmers themselves.


We work with our partner farms to import the coffee back to our home in Cleveland, Ohio. Once received, Mocina serves as a supplier to all coffee lovers.


Productivity & Experiences

Focus on human productivity and all else will follow. At our core, we focus on helping facilitate only the best of experiences to help create lifelong memories for you and those you love.

Mocina Coffee's 10 Values

Inspiration & Ideas

We strive to stimulate the inspiration that facilitates the creation of amazing things. Coffee stimulates mental activity and heightened perception, thus it should be a mechanism for the exchange of ideas.

Mocina Coffee's 10 Values

Planet & Utility

We will strive to leave the world better than we found it at every stage of our coffee journey. We seek to maximize the utility of everyone we encounter by pioneering new ideas that will help people all over the globe to do any number of tasks in the simplest way possible.

Mocina Coffee's 10 Values

Casual & People

We built Mocina around the idea that work should be challenging, yet fun. Our greatest asset is our people. We empower our community of thinkers - energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate people from diverse backgrounds.

Mocina Coffee's 10 Values

Accountability & Time

Mocina Coffee was built to serve you. We know your time is valuable, hence we seek to provide you with solutions as fast as possible.

Mocina Coffee's 10 Values

Now Roasting "La Sagrada Familia"

A single origin coffee, crafted at one of the finest farms in the world.

Mocina is excited to introduce this single origin variety cultivated at a farm nestled high-up in the Sierra Los Cuchumatanes mountain range in the western highland region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. With a taste that is subtle and mild, La Sagrada Familia has a distinctive fruity taste, a light body, a sweet floral aroma, and a clean aftertaste that lingers pleasantly on the palate. La Sagrada Familia or The Holy Family was named as such to honor the farm of its cultivation and the family values that encompass their business.